NPR vs. Spanish radio |

NPR vs. Spanish radio

Laurie L. Meador

Yesterday, without warning or announcement, Summit Public Radio, heard on 107.1 FM, switched its programming from National Public Radio (NPR) to KQSE-FM “La Nueva Mix,” a Spanish language radio program. This was done in order to “bridge the communication gap between” the 13.7 percent Hispanic or Latino population in Summit County, according to the 2000 Census, and English speakers. The primary language in the United States is English.

For the remaining 86.3 percent of Summit County’s population, or for anyone else who enjoyed listening to any of NPR’s fabulous programming, it can now be found on 88.3 FM. For more information on NPR, visit, or call 1-800-443-5862. For more information on Summit Public Radio, visit

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