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O.J. chills, indeed

Harvey BrionBreckenridge

RE: O.J. chills in the mountains (SDN June 16)Surprise … amazement … depression. Those were my first reactions to seeing O.J.’s picture on the cover of my Summit Daily News this morning. Living near Nicole Simpson’s burial site, in Orange County, Calif., during the time of the crime, the chase, the trial, the other (real) trial – just seeing his picture brought back a rush of very negative emotions. My next thought was, I hope he’s not moving to Summit County; if so, I would have to move out. As I read the piece, these feelings changed to outrage, disgust and disappointment in the newspaper for printing a story that portrays this man as a normal, likable human being – no, even a celebrity! This man should have been executed 10 years ago or, at best, be serving a life term in prison for one of the most brutal double murders of the century. He is an extreme egotist who could not tolerate rejection from the ex-wife he had abused for years and so, slaughtered her and her friend just to satisfy his rage and thirst for revenge. It is clear to any objective observer that the first trial was a gross miscarriage of justice. Even his former friends were shocked by the not guilty verdict. The Goldman family finally achieved a sense of justice in the civil trial to follow. By that time O.J. had moved all his assets to Florida to keep from losing his wealth to the Goldmans in the civil judgment. That’s why he’d rather live in his friends’ houses here or in Aspen than to buy one himself (better in Aspen than here).I would ask that no one forget who I think this man really is – a cold blooded killer with no conscience whatsoever! Please don’t give him the time of day, much less play to his ego by asking for autographs and pictures. I for one would never want to see him in person much less see my image in a photograph with his.

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