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Obama signs Congressman Tipton’s hydropower act

Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton, R-Cortez

Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton’s effort to increase the production of clean, renewable hydropower and create jobs is now public law, according to a news release from Tipton’s office.

On Friday, President Barack Obama signed Tipton’s Hydropower and Rural Jobs Act, which will create rural jobs in Colorado and the rest of the nation by expanding the production of clean, renewable hydropower, the release stated.

The bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan support earlier this year, according to the release. It was approved earlier this month in the U.S. Senate with unanimous consent.

“This new law provides a tremendous opportunity for clean, renewable energy production in Colorado and across the nation,” Tipton said in the release. “It will create jobs right here at home, and provide a supply of reliable and affordable power, lowering energy costs.”

By eliminating duplicative environmental analysis on existing man-made Bureau of Reclamation conduits — pipes, ditches and canals — that have received a full review under the National Environmental Policy Act, the law streamlines the regulatory process and reduces administrative costs for the installation of small hydropower development projects within those conduits, the release stated.

In doing so, the law encourages increased small hydropower development, which will create new rural jobs in Colorado, add clean, affordable electricity to the grid to power homes and communities, modernize infrastructure, and supply the federal government with additional revenues.

“I’m honored that I was able to lead the charge for this commonsense effort that received broad and bipartisan support at the local, state and national levels,” Tipton said in the release. “Hydropower is the cheapest and cleanest source of electricity available through modern technology, and a key component of the all-of-the-above energy platform that I continue to strongly support.”

The Congressional Budget Office reported the Hydropower and Rural Jobs Act has no cost to taxpayers and returns revenues to the treasury, according to the release. The Interior Department recently identified at least 28 Bureau of Reclamation canal sites in Colorado, and 373 nationwide, that could be developed for hydropower purposes.

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