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Obama’s welcome change

Nancy Cook
Frisco, CO Colorado

Even without having a TV, I have been curious about all the brouhaha over Mr. McCain’s recent remarks about water treaties. So I headed online and hunted down his original interview with a Pueblo newspaper, the Chieftain. After reading it, I can certainly see why Coloradans are upset. His comments definitely reflect the mindset of an Arizona senator looking out for his vote camp and not that of a president concerned for the well-being of all citizens.

However, what was notably absent from Mr. McCain’s interview remarks regarding water ” and energy ” bothered me much more:

Our country desperately needs a president who is a visionary. We need an energetic, dynamic and creative president to inspire us and lead us forward in a way that restores our standing in the world as a country that operates with integrity and respect for all citizens, and with care for this fragile planet we call home.

Mr. McCain’s remarks about future water needs for “his” part of the West were anything but visionary. He focused on future renegotiation of distribution (we need more for Arizona, thank you), and he never even touched on growth caps for desert communities, conservation plans or a cooperative stewardship model as ways to address the situation. His energy remarks in the interview reflected the same narrow backward view, highlighting more drilling, “clean coal” and nuclear power as his idea of how to decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Although he paid lip service to the environment by including “renewable energy” in his “all of the above” approach to our energy needs, the fact that wind and solar technology didn’t even rate a specific mention at all (here in the windy, sunny West!) tells me volumes about McCain’s energy and environmental mindset, and his priorities for the future. Quoting his specific future “alternative energy” focus directly from the Chieftain interview:

“Nuclear has got to be a vital part of any solution. Clean coal technology is vital, and I think we should invest a couple billion (dollars) a year in developing clean coal. We have to pursue literally every alternative to our dependence on foreign oil,” he said.

Not a peep about conservation, solar or wind sources! And just how much will those “45 nuclear reactors” he refers to (later in the interview) cost to build? Which big company gets that contract? Where will all that nuclear waste go? I don’t think McCain is a really bad guy. He’s just the wrong guy for the job of President of the United States. He’s stuck in the old mindset that has contributed to our myriad of current problems, and a leader still stuck in the box cannot help us get out.

I am ready to vote for someone with energy, integrity and creativity, who cares about giving all Americans a fair shot at the Dream. And I am ready for a President who isn’t hooked up with the “have mores” ” be it water, houses, big cars or big money.

I am ready to vote for Barack Obama. C’mon America: Get over his name and the color of his skin.

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