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Obesity against everything we are trying to do

I was just curious as to what the Summit Prevention Alliance (SPA) is going to do now that obesity has overtaken smoking as the No. 1 killer in the U.S.?

Do we set up a weight scale at the Silverthorne/Dillon exit? Do we weigh anybody who walks into a restaurant and actually orders something contrary to the “Atkins/South Beach/Diet of the month” club?

Obesity has to be against everything “we as a community are trying to do.”

I agree.

No more fat women in Spandex. No more short, fat, bald guys in ugly shorts, black socks and some kind of sandals. We know better. In fact, we know better than you.

We live here and you don’t. That makes us superior. We banned smoking and if you don’t meet our standards we will ban your fat butt, too.

Eat right, think right and vote left and we will all get along – at least here. Good Lord, to remove a tree to prevent your house from the inevitable fire, you need a permit. And by God, you have to beg from a group that knows more than you. People might be able to see a corner of your overpriced abode from their overpriced abode – this would be bad.

And that brings us back to obesity.

The dollar amounts that all the councils, commissions and districts are continually asking for, (and demanding is more apropos), are ridiculous.

All these people know is how to sign the back of a check. They don’t worry about filling out the front of one. And that is the way obese people go about things. They and their needs come first – to heck with the rest of us.

Bloated egos, bloated budgets and fat paychecks are the rule around here. Where is the SPA when you need them?

Ooops. They’ve got that problem, too.

It’s time for this county to go on a diet or, at least push ourselves away from the public trough once in a while. I’m not here to ensure your retirement plan and you are certainly not helping mine. Let’s cut the waste, the salaries and the mind set.

Getting rid of obesity takes personal discipline.

Ridding ourselves of obese government and its progeny takes personal sacrifice and selflessness.

I want to know where the outrage from the SPA is concerning the ultimatum that the Summit Stage Transit Advisory Board has set for late-night ridership.

The SPA was the major pusher behind increasing our taxes to ensure buses would run late at night. And now the transit board is thinking of cutting it because of budget constraints. Why isn’t the SPA willing to sacrifice some of its budget to stand behind its beliefs?

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