Obituary: Deborah Graham |

Obituary: Deborah Graham

Deborah Graham

Deborah Graham, who died in September 2018, was a member of the Summit County community many residents may not have known prior to her passing. In the time since her passing, however, residents of this community may have heard “of” her. However, the family of Deborah Graham would like you to know more than the details of her last years and the circumstances of her death. Deborah was a beautiful, vivacious, and intelligent woman who loved meeting new people and striking up conversations with them. She was a frequent traveler during her lifetime. She loved tourist traps and cliche “must see” and “must do” places, as well as more unique adventures in her trips both domestic and abroad. She was an adventurous eater and loved ethnic foods. But New Mexico green chili was a favorite – The hotter the chili, the better. Her favorite music was from the 60s and 70s. And she had a song lyric to match any situation. Her abilities as an artist were evident throughout her homes. She created beautiful paintings, collected artwork by “unknown” artists – occasionally thinking she’d found something worth millions, and refinished furniture around the house with her own unique touch. To her, an inexpensive nick-nack was really an “object de art” — something of beauty, to be displayed prominently. Deborah Graham was a wife, mother, and grandmother. The absence of her charisma, creativity, and gregariousness will be a void felt in her family’s lives forever.

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