Obituary: Janny Krynen |

Obituary: Janny Krynen

Janny Krynen

Feb. 16, 1926 – Jan. 19, 2015

Janny passed away Sunday, Jan. 18, peacefully in her sleep after a long illness. She is survived by her husband Dick and two children Richard and Lynn.

Janny was married to her sweetheart for 66 years. She and Dick met in Holland during the occupation of WW2. They had a fabulous life together traveling the world, speaking many different languages. She was a well-known opera singer and performed throughout Europe. Janny was very involved in serving our troops with the USO. Later in life she was an avid volunteer with the seniors in Summit County. She joined the senior Olympics and won many metals. She was very active. Janny loved to spend time with her friends, hike, run cross-country, ski and swim. She leaves behind many hundreds of friends. Her family will miss her dearly.

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