Obituary: Rachel Violet Schwartz |

Obituary: Rachel Violet Schwartz

Rachel Violet Schwartz

Sept. 8, 1986

to Oct. 11, 2016

Rachel Violet Schwartz was a Summit County local residing in Frisco from 2009-16. Originally from Hooksett, New Hampshire, Rachel moved to Summit County after graduating from Johnson State College in northern Vermont. It was during her years as an employee at Ollie’s Pub & Grub in Frisco that Rachel formed countless friendships and became a “local” in the community. When Rachel wasn’t working, she was always enjoying the outdoors, snowboarding or hiking with her dog to Rainbow Lake. She had an infectious smile and an uplifting personality and was always making sure everybody was having a great time. In the summer of 2016, Rachel moved back east in pursuit of a career change and to be closer to family and lifelong friends. She settled in Portland, Maine, and was quickly becoming a local in the community there as well.

On Tuesday, Rachel was involved in a car accident that prematurely claimed her life. She will be deeply missed by all of those she has come to know in the Summit County community and back east in New Hampshire and Maine. Rachel’s incredible spirit will forever live on here in Summit County through the countless people she touched and lifelong friends that she has made. Plans for a memorial in Frisco will be released ASAP.

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