Obituary: Jaime (Jane) Frieze |

Obituary: Jaime (Jane) Frieze

Jaime was a rare and special person. She had many friends and the ability to extend herself to others. She radiated kindness, intelligence and great wit.

She loved any kind of animal and before having to go to a nursing home due to a debilitating illness, she had 15 pets living in her home including pigs, dogs, birds and two bunnies which she rescued, Harold and Maud. Leaving them was almost too much to bare.

I admired her courage and grace during her battle. I never heard her complain or blame. She always had a beautiful smile especially when anyone had a pet to visit her. That brought her pure job. To those that loved her, she stopped communicating with you as she didn’t want anyone to see her in that condition. She relished the memories.

All she ever wanted was to go home and at last she is home with Marky and the rest of her babies. Marcella Murray and David Buffer – you were always there for her.

The greatest lesson I learned from Jaime was that if a relationship is in need of repair, do it now! Have no regrets as I have. If you want to do something in her name, please do so by making a contribution to an animal shelter.

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