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Oetken: What are you smoking?

Jonathan Oetken

In reference to the article in a recent paper about the avalanche near Vail Pass by Lauren Glendenning, I felt it was very disrespectful to the victim and those involved and truly poor journalism on her part to include the irrelevant information about the members of the party being “under the influence” of marijuana. I do not have a degree of any sort in journalism and maybe that is why I do not understand, but I find Lauren’s decision to mention that in her article absolutely pointless. I doubt the avalanche released on them due to the fact that they were high. Was she insinuating that being high caused them to make a poor decision? Either way it was tasteless of her to mention that bit of information, hopefully she will think twice next time before being so disrespectful with such a low blow about such a tragic event. Was she on some Dead Head OG kush when she wrote the article?

Jonathan Oetken, Breckenridge

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