Officers respond to TKO at the DMV |

Officers respond to TKO at the DMV

Dispatchers sent a sheriff’s deputy and Frisco officer to the Department of Motor Vehicles at the County Commons near Frisco after employees reported an assault.The lawmen arrived and interviewed the alleged victim. She told the sheriff’s deputy she was standing in line to get her driver’s license. A woman came in, she said, and tried to cut in line. The woman said she told the cutter that, hellooo, there are other people waiting in line and she should have some respect. The woman said the cutter then responded with the witty comeback, “That’s too damn bad.”This prompted the woman to make the audible evaluation, “You’re being a bitch.” The cutter then asked the woman what she had said; she didn’t hesitate to repeat it. The cutter took a swing at the woman after that, missed, and got a push in the chest for her effort. The cutter swung a second time and caught the woman in the lip.The deputy asked the woman if she wanted to press charges and explained that that would involve going to court and testifying. The woman decided it wasn’t worth it.Playing cops and robbers, illegallyA woman driving through Silverthorne looked in the rearview mirror and got that sinking feeling – red and blue lights flashing behind her.When she saw the flashlight scanning the inside of her car, she began to pull out her driver’s license, registration and insurance. However, when the man with the flashlight reached her window – laughing – she realized he wasn’t a cop at all. She pulled away, drove home and called the real cops.After the woman explained her story to the real officer, the cops tracked down the pretender. He said he thought he was pulling over a friend of his. While cuffing him and putting him in the real police car, the real officer asked if they could search the man’s car and take out his fake police lights; the man agreed.The real officer found a set of red and blue lights in the grill of the man’s car, handcuffs dangling from the rearview mirror (cheap, imitation ones, the officer noted in his report), and another set of lights behind the driver’s seat. And, oh, what’s that? A marijuana pipe under the lights.It gets more interesting: The real officer had a ride-along guest this night. Coincidentally, the rider knew the wannabe cop. The ride-along tells the officer, he’s friends with one of my employees. Two weeks ago, the rider says, this guy came to me and wanted to know if it was illegal to put the lights in his car. The ride-along told the guy, no, it’s not illegal unless you try to pull someone over; if you do, it’s a felony.The ride-along then told the officer, after you cuffed the guy and put him in the back seat to go search his car, he tells me, “You were right.”The man went to jail for impersonating a police officer and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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