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Older generation worries ad to death when nation is about to go to war

This letter is in response to many letters I have seen in the Summit Daily News since the arrival of those dirty little ads luring in the wild children from all over the country.

First off, where are all of you getting the subliminal message that this ad, to quote Rick Grossman, “promises underage drinking, available local drugs, and promiscuous sex parties?”

The ad simply says, “The town will still be your bitch.”

There are a few 20-somethings, not 13-year-olds, partying in the background, but no orgies, bongs, mirrors or prepubescent drunks puking on the floor.

Some people in this county are going way overboard on this ad. Grow up.

This ad is directed at youth, yes, but I see absolutely no promises of anything except a good time. But that can be thrown out the window if these visitors come here and are confronted by people like Rick Grossman, who says, “No wonder Generation Y kids are so screwed up.” Nice generalization there, Rick. All Generation Y kids? Do all black people eat watermelon? Do all white people have flat butts?

Again, these 40- to 50-somethings who are writing letters must be extremely bored. Do you realize there is a war about to start? And this is what you people waste your emotions on? A ski ad? Come on.

Not only that, but so many are making the ad out to be something it is not. They are intentionally misleading us to believe these ads advocate and promise visitors everything from illegal drugs to wild sex orgies to teen-age drinking and puking on the street.

All the ad is promising is a great day on the hill, then a great night on the town. And if you are offended that this might include sex, drugs and binge-drinking, well, wake up. This county offers all three. Just because the older members of this county do not participate, condone, or like what goes on in the bars and parties here in Summit does not mean they should feel free to attack the youth of this county and our lifestyle.

We are not all lost, drug-addicted alcoholics looking for nothing more that a good party with lots of young, drunk girls and “drugs a plenty.”

My advice to the elders: If any of you care, is to forget about this stupid ad and concentrate on more important things, like the third world war we, as Americans, are supporting with our silence.

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