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On Immigration, to the ‘Decider’

Well America, accept the fact that some form of “amnesty” will be forthcoming giving citizenship to millions of those here illegally. Combine that with the birthrate of Anglos vis a vis the new population, and in a short manner of time, Anglo/Europeans will be the minority in this country.We can give large thanks to those wonderful self-righteous republicans whose greed has enabled illegal workers to reduce wages from say a job in the meat-packing industry from $19 an hour to $9 an hour. Under Bush, the labor laws enacted to give the working middle class man a respectable living have been dismembered and ignored.Those same wonderful republicans who have savaged minorities for years through prejudice and enslavement were around in the 1800s also adding to today’s dilemma. In 1846 or thereabouts, the first Bush (James K. Polk) needed the west for expansion of the Anglos. His plan was labeled “manifest destiny” and was a republican brainchild kind of like the contract on America. Manifest Destiny in short meant non-Europeans and Indians were incapable of self-government (even though they managed to survive for thousands of years before the European invasion). So Mexico occupying most of the west and being weakened by its breaking from Spain’s domination was at a disadvantage and a “Bush-type war” easily defeated the Mexicans, and thus they ceded their western holdings to the U.S . So then historically, one can see a legitimate claim by the Mexicans, right? (I would give them back Texas and Utah in a heartbeat).Anyway, once the illegals are legal and dominate the blue collar worker environment the silver lining comes in. Democratic exploitation takes place. The illegals will be unionized, they will be made aware of the hosing they have taken on previous pay rates and guess what, they will have the greedy corporate pigs once again in the crosshairs and what went around comes around, strikes, work stoppages et al. Meanwhile the Catholic church just stands around and collects 2 bucks a head every Sunday over the influx, disgustingly keeps their tax exemptions and makes a bid to dominate the religious sphere.As for me it is a tough call. I am all for legal immigration but have serious considerations for security issues regarding illegal immigration. To side with the republicans on any issue is agonizing at best. At any rate, this is what I see in the near future, and for those who remember my letters to the editor circa the Bush presidential campaign, everything I predicted has come to pass; the only thing I couldn’t see was what vehicle Bush would use to wage war in the Middle East. Tragically, it was 9/11 and who saw that?Bush, the great decider, always steadfast, always wrong.

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