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On the Clock: Doug Roessel

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Hans and Franz were from Austria, right?Bulging biceps might not be the most common sight among the skiers and riders that flood our local ski slopes, but according to Doug Roessel, owner and operator of Elevation Fitness in Dillon, the perception that weight training and alpine activities don’t mix is one that is waning.”Weights have definitely come into play so people can have more endurance, and generally be stronger,” the brawny 40-year-old New Jersey native said. “I hear all the time from clients that I’ve trained that they go out and ski all day now. They say they still get fatigued, but they have better balance, have fewer injuries, and can recover faster.”Roessel himself is living proof. He’s a longtime ski racer and coach; as a former USSA competitor specializing in GS and slalom, Roessel has also always pursued vigorous weight training in conjunction with regular ski race training. Now, running Elevation Fitness, he’s hoping more local folks figure out the potentially happy marriage between strength training and skiing and riding. “It’s kind of tough up here because people are so outdoorsy that they believe they get enough of a workout just doing stuff outside,” he said. “To have a truly impactful workout, you have to have discipline. So the things you do outside, you can do more, and better, and faster, if you just spend a little time doing some real resistance training.”

Speaking of discipline, Roessel is busy trying to recapture some of his former self-control; he’s currently training for the Rocky Mountain Nationals bodybuilding competition in March.He adds another reason that local dudes should be hopping the fitness and strength training bandwagon – more and more women are catching the weight training bug as well, and he claims his gym has one of the best “ratios” in the county.”It’s 66 percent women over here (at Elevation Fitness),” he said. “While the guys are across the street drinking beer, the ladies are in the gym working on staying looking good.”

You’re into bodybuilding, but have drugs tainted the sport beyond repair?When I’m competing, it’s nice to know that I’ve never taken illegal drugs like steroids. They have “natural” divisions now, so you’re not competing against the monsters. You’re just competing against everybody else fairly.Any tips on getting over the hump fitness-wise – legally?

It’s all about tricking your body, and there are some supplements out there that are over the counter and legal that can really help. They’ll help you get to the next level for sure.Any thoughts on the touchy-feely yoga and Pilates craze?Get in the gym and work out, please. People today want to have everything handed to them, rather than realize that it’s something they have to do for themselves.

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