Online: Breckenridge trails Aspen in summer searches |

Online: Breckenridge trails Aspen in summer searches

Caddie Nath
Summit Daily News

Breckenridge is a less-searched-for term in the summer months online.

BRECKENRIDGE – Breckenridge may be at the front of skier and snowboarder’s minds nationwide in the wintertime, but in the summer the local mountain destination falls behind the competition in search engine rankings.

Breckenridge is the No. 1 searched destination among local competition in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Austin and Kansas January through March, but it doesn’t beat out Aspen, Vail or other destinations in any market June through August.

“There’s always been this struggle of, how do can we draw more people here for the summer,” said Breckenridge spokeswoman Kim Dykstra-DiLallo. “The Breckenridge brand is definitely known for skiing. We’ve come into our own in terms of summer, but it’s one of those products we’re not as entrenched in.”

The statistics reported at a recent Breckenridge Marketing Advisory Committee meeting indicate that the word “Breckenridge” as a search term – adjusted for additional terms that might skew the numbers – is used less often than Vail, Aspen and in some markets Park City or other destinations in the summer.

But, the search gap – a figure that indicates how often Breckenridge is searched in comparison with the lead searched destination in a given market – indicates that in some areas, including St. Louis, Houston, Denver, Nebraska and Kansas, the town isn’t far behind the competition in June, July and August.

The committee responded to the data by suggesting the Breckenridge Resort Chamber, the town’s designated marketing agency, put more focus on summer than winter in spending marketing dollars.

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“I think that’s our responsibility is to make sure this is a year-round destination,” marketing committee member and lodging company owner Toby Babich said at the recent meeting, as he and others voted to recommend the BRC spend more money on summer marketing.

The recommendation is in line with what the town is already doing, Dykstra-DiLallo said following the meeting.

“It’s been sort of best practice (for years) that the ski area focuses on winter advertising and that the town (and the) chamber has focused on summer,” she said. “BMAC wants to guide town dollars toward something they feel is perhaps lacking, which is what those numbers indicated.”

Members of the marketing committee also suggested establishing a success baseline with 2010 numbers, which can be compared to numbers for 2011 and subsequent years to help indicate the effectiveness of increased town spending from a 1 percent lodging tax increase approved by voters last year in driving new business.

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