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Online Tax Help 2007

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Summit County, CO ColoradoIt’s tax time! We’ve again done some research for our readers this year to find the latest and greatest in online tax software and help. Before diving in, you might want to start by reading through the IRS’s Tax Tips for 2007 at,,id=104608,00.html. Though not terribly user-friendly (no surprise there), you’ll find a wealth of information on what we assume are frequently asked questions and general information to note. Another good source for general information is Yahoo! Finance at The site is friendlier than the IRS’, and includes tips for not overpaying (something you won’t find on the IRS site).Once you’re ready to begin, you’ll need to consider whether to buy software or go online. We recommend using one of the online tax preparation wesites which offer several advantages over buying the software sold at retail – they are generally cheaper, don’t require you to purchase updates, can be accessed anywhere, and generally include up-to-date information from the state without having to download this separately. Many of the sites also include free e-filing. If you’ve never used an online preparation site, expect to be walked through a series of questions related to your return. Typically, you’ll be provided tips along the way to help ensure you arrive at the proper answers. Using your answers, the site helps complete the return, scans for common errors and gives you the option of e-filing (recommended) or printing the form for mailing.Several good options float to the top among reviewers. TaxACT is a good choice for those on a budget with straightforward returns (even free for some). It offers lots of great features including alerts to help you avoid problems and a “Tax Refund” or “Amount Owed” display so you know the impact of every variable. H&R Block’s TaxCut also remains a popular choice for those with simple returns. The site is quick and easy to use, is well supported and H&R Block offers “Worry-Free Audit Support.” rated TurboTax as the best overall experience with its “comprehensive tax help, a thorough and detailed interview and superior navigation tools.” The site features updated quick and easy tax preparation. CompleteTax is again well rated this year. The site is offered by CCH, a reputable firm in the tax field. It offers a simple user interface and an interview that is more flexible than the others. More flexibility, though, also means you’ll need to be more confident in your answers. Google any of these options for more information. Or, for detailed reviews, consult PC World at,124538-page,1/article.html or at Finally, before visiting any of these sites directly and paying the fee to prepare your return, you might want to first visit the IRS Free File service to determine if you qualify for free federal tax preparation and electronic filing. Visit,,id=118986,00.html. Having trouble recording then typing these URL’s into your browser? Visit Click and Hack at to link directly to the sites.Happy tax preparation!

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