Only the brainwashed or brain-dead believe the Iraqi war is about oil |

Only the brainwashed or brain-dead believe the Iraqi war is about oil

I have reached my boiling-over point. I have read the Summit Up columns with amusement and enjoyment over the years we have lived here.

I have laughed at the jokes and comments, interesting at times, quite off the wall some times, but mostly enjoyable.

However, your ending comment of the March 24 column prompted me to write this letter. It made me furious and astonished to think people really think like you do. It showed me your level of intelligence – or lack of.

How can you and others who are brainwashed – or brain-dead – actually believe any U.S. president and all others in charge would put the United States into a war over oil?

We could find other ways to gain control of the oil if that was the goal. With Saddam Hussein threatening to set fire to the oil wells, we could have control anyway, as we do have our own resources.

Why do you choose to ignore the real reason we have gone into battle with Hussein?

Do you not believe how evil Hussein is, how he has tortured and killed his people, those who do not praise and adore him?

Do you not read how he and his sons have raped and killed women and imprisoned young people who did not want to follow his ways?

He and those close to him lived in luxury and many palaces while the people wanted for hospitals and schools and lived in starvation conditions.

How would you and the others who seem to support Hussein and not our president survive under Hussein’s rule?

Do you think you could express yourself, as you do daily in your column?

Could all the actors in movies depict Hussein and his government in any sort of negative way? I DON’T THINK SO! You would be praying for someone to help you get out of the country to somewhere where you could be free or to liberate you.

You and all others who share the same beliefs would probably be the same group of people who did not want to get involved in the war with Hitler, they also had their heads in each other’s butt until hit in the head with the facts. Remember, if the U.S. did not act now, you could be one of those people. Think how Hussein would have treated U. S. citizens if he got strong enough with his mass destruction weapons.

You write about people accumulating bad karma. How much have you accumulated by ignoring the millions of people who are praying to be liberated from under the rule of Hussein? Start accumulating good karma: Support the United States. God bless the United States. Support the U.S., not Hussein.

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