Only "unlawful’ part separates abortion from a murder |

Only "unlawful’ part separates abortion from a murder

It seems the definition of murder covers what abortion is. All the ingredients are there minus the “unlawful” part. It has been legal to have an abortion for 31 years.

It does not matter if it is the one true God, or if you have another faith, you will find the murder of innocent life will send you to an unsavory place, dare I say it – hell, for eternity.

Because the government made a mistake and said it was lawful to have an abortion does not change the fact that abortion is murder.

Was it not lawful in Nazi Germany to kill the Jewish people? It was still murder even though it was lawful, and I am positive that Hitler is rotting in hell as I type this letter.

Governments including ours have made bad decisions before. Giving women the right to abort with no consequence was a big mistake.

I do not want to control anybody’s life. I just do not want people to think what they have done will have no consequence – like what they thought when they decided to have sex – minus rape victims.

I also want women to understand that because someone in “authority” has given them lawful permission to do this, that it will not change the fact that ending a life in this way is murder.

When you take the life support system off a person because he or she will inconvenience your life, it is the ultimate in selfishness and heartlessness.

To address the statement that “religion is politics,” I must point out this is incorrect. Once you look up the two words, you see how incorrect this statement is. They actually seem to be the opposite, the way I am reading it.

If you do not believe in a heaven or a hell, you have more faith than I do. When you get to the bottom of this issue, you will find (I pray) that abortion is all about murder, heaven and hell – no matter how you try to justify it – even though our government has made it lawful.

Lori Nuzzolillo


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