Open borders will exacerbate population problem |

Open borders will exacerbate population problem

Gerald Dobert, Summit Cove

After reading the news about Gary Lindstrom’s decision to run for governor, I think that this must be the first time that an anti-environmentalist has run for governor of Colorado. Unless, of course, you believe as the Sierra Club does, that population growth has no bad effect on the environment. If you would like a preview of what the U.S. would look like after we had open borders for a few years, you should visit China or Africa and see what large populations have done to their countries. I am sure that once we have open borders, there would be a billion people from each area coming here. Open borders are not necessary for population growth as the current illegal immigration policies are doing it now. Our population has doubled in the last 60 years. The next doubling will take less time as population growth is geometrical, not linear. The next doubling will take even less time, so that in the next hundred years we will reach 1.2 billion. This would be better than open borders, which would probably give us 2.5 billion in roughly 10 years.Of course, taking into account that Lindstrom recently went to Mexico to learn Spanish, he may just be thinking about an open border with Mexico. I am sure that would be too racist for any Democrat. Imagine judging people’s worth on their color or place of origin.A while back, when Lindstrom suggested that Summit County would have 60,000 people if Ref. C and D passed, my only thought was, “Why would we want that many people?” Nonetheless, people voted for growth. You would think that people here would care about the environment, but I guess development and the economy are more important. I would be interested in learning why Lindstrom thinks more people are better and where we will get the water and infrastructure for billions of people. Meanwhile, I am thankful that immigration is a federal issue.

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