Open Mic: What’s your favorite bumper sticker? (video) |

Open Mic: What’s your favorite bumper sticker? (video)

Heather Jarvis
Sam Salinas

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Editor’s note: Open Mic is a video series by the Summit Daily News. Each video will pick a topic of interest, with reactions from locals and visitors on the matter. A print version can be found in Monday’s Views section.

After getting political last week with “Are you concerned about recreational marijuana under the Trump administration?” we decided to go a little lighter with, “What’s your favorite bumper sticker?” Here are answers from around town.

Sam Salinas; South Texas

Jesus is coming, look busy.

Gregory Walton; Littleton, Colorado

You control technology, don’t let technology control you.

Jason Wilkinson; Dallas, Texas

If you get any closer to my tailgate, I’ll flick a booger on you.

Charlotte, Breckenridge

I heart mountains.

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