Open Mic: What’s your worst sports injury? |

Open Mic: What’s your worst sports injury?

Heather Jarvis
Jackie Moberly, longtime Frisco resident and skier

An eight-week series called Kneehab featured articles on ACL, MCL and other knee injuries, providing professional and first-hand info on surgery, rehab, recovery and prevention. Over the course of the series, sports editor Phil Lindeman interviewed orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, pro athletes, amateur athletes and everyone in between about their experience with knee injuries. We asked a few locals, what has been your worst sports injury?

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Josh Barilar, Breckenridge backcountry skier

I sustained a knee injury last June. Basically I fell and my knee angled into a rock. It was structural damage, but structural damage in a crucial area.

Jackie Moberly, longtime Frisco resident and skier

I caught one foot on a little tiny branch that was sticking up, and it stopped me, flipped me around, and I buried my other tip into the snow. I found out that when I caught the little branch with my right boot, it broke my fibula. … Turned out that I also crushed my tibial plateau. So in other words, I broke both my legs.

Micah Anderson, High Country Healing team snowboarder

I think that the first time I hurt my knee obviously — I worked at Windells, up at Mount Hood. I think that I micro-tore it a bunch, because I would go back to camp and I would skateboard or I would just go snowboarding late summer and it would get really swollen and sore. I went snowboarding early season, first day jumping, knuckled a jump, and it just exploded. So guessing there were microtears and that was the last impact it could really take, and decided to give up.

Paula Ashbaugh, Avalanche Physical Therapy PT

I’ve had three knee surgeries, one is an ACL, MCL, meniscus — rehabilitation afterwards and that was probably 10 years ago. … I’ve also had mountain biking trauma on this knee, which was about five years ago. No damage to the ligaments but a lot of rehab in terms of function. …. And then I had a meniscectomy, and that was in eighth grade.

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