Open space is not an ‘eyesore’ |

Open space is not an ‘eyesore’

Greg AbernathyBreckenridge

It has certainly been interesting to read about the debate going on in Frisco concerning the dispensation of the 9.4 acres.I use that word because that is exactly what will happen with the land if a large, ugly box is installed. I moved to the county in 1972 and loved the drive up Interstate 70 back to Breckenridge. Dillon Valley was the only development along the Summit County corridor back then, and it was a welcoming feeling to be arriving into the county. Now it is not much different than any suburb in the country with mountains added. To call the open space in question an eyesore is a travesty.It is always better to take the high road and although I recognize the need for sales taxes, I feel that there are many better uses for this particular property. The PAC “Friends of Frisco” is an oxymoron worthy of an English text. Please think long and hard before you approve this travesty.