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Even though our languages and customs are different around the world, how are our hearts the same?

According to Ask.com there are:

194 official countries in the world today.

6,700 different languages

39 major religions

And the human race consists of 4 categories of skin color

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Clearly, with these kind of statistics, there are bound to be major differences in the world. However, despite all these differences, I believe we are more alike than we appear.

First, we all have basic physical and emotional needs regardless of what Country we are from. These physical needs are:





Health Care

An estimated 800 million people go to bed hungry each day. In Africa approximately 5.4 million people have the AIDS disease. We need to share food and doctors from country to country. All people have these basic needs.

All people have emotional needs as well. Some emotional needs are love, happiness, kindness, and hope for the future. We all love our family and friends and behind our skin color we all want to be connected to our loved ones. Because of this connection all parents hope and strive to create a better future for their children.

About hope……

Robert H. Goddard, a physicist and rocket engineer said “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.”

No matter what country we’re from a good education, love and encouragement can change our lives for the better. Last year the famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey opened a school for girls in Africa. She said “I wanted to give this opportunity to girls who had a light so bright that not even poverty could dim that light.”

In my class at school we have differences and things in common as well. Some ways which we are different is in our size (some of us have had growth spurts and some ” like me ” are still waiting). Also there are more girls in our class then boys. But the things we have in common are that we all want to learn, we all love recess, and class parties. Most importantly, in our hearts we all care about our teacher.

Next, our hearts and souls drive us to do the right thing and make the right choices. All 39 major religions of the world include the recognition of a greater power. This is one way in which they are the same. As John F. Kennedy once said “So let us not be blind to our differences, but let us also direct attention to our common interests, and to the means by which those differences can be resolved.”

In conclusion, our different colors of skin, different religions, or poverty cannot hide the things we have in common. Although we look different we all have needs in our bodies and hope, love and kindness in our hearts.

Although our languages are different, are our hearts really the same?

My answer is yes. We speak different languages but we still get our hearts broken at the same things, like when a friend is mad at you and they say, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore” or “I never want to see you again.”

In any language you can be sad. No matter what language you speak, if someone close to you dies, like a family member or a pet, you cry. When someone close to you dies, you may run downstairs to see them, or you might pick up the phone to call them. Then you remember that they are not there. They are only in your heart. No matter what language you speak, your heart can get crushed. Sometimes, you even get your heart crushed by small things like negative words by people around you.

Everyone can be happy, too. A friend just gave you an invitation to a slumber party.

You’re happy, right? Have you ever had a time where you are so excited to be called on because you have the answer and you’re dying to say it but by the time the teacher gets to you, you totally forget the answer? I have and I bet everyone in my class has, too! Everyone can be happy by the small things like losing weight, or getting your cast off, or even a haircut that makes you look super-cute!

Love is something that everyone feels. We all love our parents and friends. Love is something your heart shows whether it’s with hugs, kisses, laughter, singing, or caring about each other. Your heart is where you physically feel the love.

Physically, our hearts are the same. They pump blood through our bodies. They are also located in the same place in everybody’s chest. No matter what language you speak, you have a heart.

Russian, Mexican, and American are the cultures in my class. Whether we are saying, “l love you” or “te amo” or “Ya lublu tebya,” we all mean the same thing. In my class, the Spanish-speaking kids talk to each other in Spanish and the English-speaking kids talk to each other in English. But when we are all talking together, we use whatever words we know to communicate in both languages.

Language never gets in the way with friendships.

Though our languages are different, our hearts are the same.

Even though our languages and customs are different, how are our hearts the same? Our hearts are the same because we all love. Our hearts tell us to live -without a heart we are nothing. Our hearts also tell us to be patient.

First, we all love someone or something. A homeless person might love a stray cat or dog. A child might love a pet, a toy or a doll. We all grieve for a great loss. When a loved one is gone we morn. When a loved toy is thrown away we dig through the trash. Something has a place in everybody’s heart. When I was born my dad got me a stuffed dog named Puppy with amber fur, a shiny red collar and soft floppy ears.

When I was bout 5 I lost him. I looked for him forever! I still feel sad when I think about Puppy today If there is a boy in France who lost his Puppy, I know exactly how his heart feels because ours are the same.

Our hearts tell us to live because they bring out the good things in life. Without a heart we are nothing. When I am sad my heart tells me to look at the benefits. It tells me to look at the best of the bad. When my horse, Tejas, went out to pasture for the winter I was sad, but I saw that it would be the right thing for him. I could just imagine his tail swishing, his appaloosa pelt keeping him warm against the breeze. I sure wish I could still hug his 15? hands of fuzziness. When a boy in Nepal has to send his sheep down to pasture, I understand his heart because mine feels the same. Without a heart, neither of us would do the right thing for our animals.

Finally, our hearts tell us to be patient. We all must be patient because it is definitely worth it. One time when I was watching a movie, the DVD player wouldn’t load for what seemed like hours, but it was defiantly worth it because it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. My mom told me a story that happened at her clinic in Guatemala. An 80-year-old lady waited for seven hours to get her last remaining tooth pulled; patiently waiting and smiling the entire time. When she got it pulled she was still smiling and very thankful to everyone who helped her. Even though I got to see a good movie and she got a tooth pulled we both had to be patient to get what we wanted and were both happy and grateful when we got what we waited for.

Our languages and customs may be different but our hearts all love our Puppies. We know what’s right for our animals. And like the old lady waiting for her tooth to be pulled, our hearts tell us to be patient for the good to come.

So, whether it’s French tears, a Nepali heartache or a K’Chi smile from a Guatemalan village it’s really the same in every language and in everyone’s heart.

Differences and Similarities in Our World

Across the U.S., through Peru and around Africa, wherever you go the languages and customs are different. But at hear, we are all alike in one world community, just living in different places.

When you come from a different country, your differences are very easy to spot. Sometimes it’s how you live, what you eat or maybe just how you think. How you look is a major difference, particularly skin color. In the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln thought the skin color did not matter and a lot of people thought the same, but after the war, people still judged others by their skin color. Even today, people are judged by their skin color.

Our surroundings are another huge thing that can keep us separated. Say I live in a cave and someone else lives in a mansion. I would have to hunt for food and they would not have to life a finger for their food. Some people can choose their dinner and others have to survive with only a meager amount of food. If you live in one of the countries that can choose their food you don’t have to work hard. If you are from a poor country you have to fend for yourself. You have to try harder. People who come from these two surroundings are very different.

A last difference is how we think. Everybody thinks differently. Everybody has great ideas. Some ideas make history and many are forgotten. But everyone is raised in a particular country and culture, and our thinking comes from that country and culture. For example, I was born and raised in the U.S., but in Africa, kid’s ideas could be totally different than in the U.S. because they are raised differently. There is a saying, “Great minds think alike.” But if we are all raised in similar conditions we might be thinking too much alike. A fresh new brilliant idea just might come from somewhere else around the world.

Our differences may affect us in strong ways, but our similarities affect us even more.

One of the many similarities that we have is our ability to love others. Whether it is a family member, or someone you meet on the street, every person on this earth has the ability to show affection for another human being. Sometimes bad things happen and it affects our ability to show love. Imagine a teenager who has lost their mother in a plane crash. That teenager could feel sorrow and anger but that could be changed by someone who reached out and save this teenager from their sadness.

Another similarity is that all people have something that makes them feel giggly or makes them smile. I like to call this the “soft spot” because when you talk about it, it makes people lighten up. Everybody knows that there has to be good in them if they have a soft spot. Your soft spot might be a memory or a feeling that only you have had. The good news is that we all have soft spots and so there is always something good that we can relate to another person with.

Maybe the greatest similarity we have is that we all have differences. Our differences are what make each of us unique and special. What a dull world it would be if we were all identical. Like Felix Adler said, “People may be said to resemble not the bricks of a house which is built but the pieces of a picture puzzle, each differing in shape, but matching the rest and thus bringing out the picture.” With that in mind, we must share our similarities and celebrate our differences.

Even though our languages and customs are different how are our hearts the same?

Our hearts are the same because they all have feelings, we all have talents, and we all have compassion for others. Our hearts all have feelings. When our hearts see someone they can tell if they are sad or any other feeling even if they do not show it.

Once I had a bad day at school and I was sitting on my steps when my mom came and asked me, “What is the matter?” I kept on saying “Nothing, nothing” but she kept on asking because she knew that I was hurt in some way and sensed it. I realized that she knew so I told her what happened. I was sad that day because I fell on my ankle and it turned out that I sprained it, she knew immediately and she sensed it.

Our hearts have feelings for others. Like when someone criticizes you, you will feel sad or scared where you are from or whatever language you speak. I was walking with my friend who only spoke Spanish when this guy bumped into me. He spoke English and said in a booming voice, “Hey, watch where you’re going kid!” and I saw my friend standing there scared even though he could not understand the man so our hearts all have feelings and can be hurt by something that they don’t even understand.

We all have talents. Even if you think you don’t have any talents you will eventually find yours. Once I was going to enter the talent show but I did not think that I had a talent. So I decided to do something that I wasn’t very good at and was not very confident. Then one day I was watching T.V. when I saw a magic show. My mom got me a magic set, I tried some tricks and loved doing them. So I tried out and got into the talent show. I was in second grade so when I saw those tricks I was really amazed. My best trick was something from Houdini. I had metal chains wrapped around my wrists and body and I moved so the chains would fall to the ground. It turned out to be the best talent that I had.

We all have compassion in our hearts for others. If you are feeling down no matter who that person is they will need a companion to cheer them up. Like once during recess I was sad because I was in first grade and did not have any friends at the time. Then this kid named Liam, who is one of my best friends now, came up and played with me and that was how we first met and became friends. And another day I saw a younger kid looking all sad. I asked him what was wrong and he said he did not have any friends. So I stopped playing with mine and played with him. I showed him companionship and I hope that he will pass it on when he sees a kid younger or maybe even older than him, I hope he will show him companionship.

All in all, I hope when you meet someone you don’t judge a book by its cover. I hope you don’t look for the bad, I hope you look for the good in someone. So I hope that if we all eventually lead with our hearts, maybe there would not be war there would be more peace towards other people.

Even though our languages and customs are different around the world, how are our hearts the same?

Our hearts are the same because our hearts show who we are. From unhappy to happy, mean to sweet, our hearts show who we are and what we feel like. For example, when my Mom wouldn’t let me have a sleep over I gave her the silent treatment. My Mom kept telling me that it made her frustrated because she didn’t know what I was unhappy about. I thought my Mom was being mean. I avoided my Mom by stuffing my nose into books, covering my ears and doing many other things.

When I finally decided to talk to her, I told her that nothing was wrong. But, she, like all good mothers, sensed that something was not O.K. Finally I told her that I was mad because I didn’t get to have a sleep over. She explained that I had to practice violin first. Usually, children have to get their work done before having fun. Others across the world express how they feel too. Other kids show they are unhappy by crying, avoiding their parents or giving their parents the silent treatment like I gave to my Mom.

Another reason our hearts are the same is because our hearts have light even in the darkest times. Even if its a teensy weensy light in the middle of a dark, dark room, if you follow that light it can lead to a happier and brighter life. For instance, once upon a soccer game our team lost many games in a row and we lost again. Even though I was very upset, I still followed the tiny light and said, “At least were having fun playing the game. If others can follow the light in the dark room, they will have a brighter life.”

We also share global communication such as laughter. Why is the car embarrassed? Because it has gas. If you laughed, you experienced happiness. Throughout the world, if someone makes you laugh, you share happiness with others.

Our hearts pump blood throughout our bodies. This pumping brings oxygen to our brains and other body parts so that we can function and think. Thinking lets us experience our emotions and express our feelings in whichever language we speak, religion we believe, place we live, and customs we practice. In conclusion, even though our languages and customs are different, people across the world experience similar emotions. These emotions show how our hearts are feeling.