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Out to rid the body of toxins

Kimberly Nicoletti

NICOLE, 12 p.m. Tuesday:Liquids only day is here. Right now, Im attempting to down a wheatgrass, celery, carrot juice for breakfast. Its not terrible, but it is getting tougher to swig as the level drops in the plastic cup. Im looking forward to my other two juices for lunch and dinner pure carrot and a lemon, apple mixture. If I can make it through today, I think the next three days will be smooth sailing. Last night, my boyfriend whipped up a tasty little miso soup concoction, which was really great at the time, but two hours later, I didnt feel very well. I dont know if its because I drank my last dose of medibulk later than previous nights or what. Meanwhile, the temptations keep coming. I arrived home last night to see an apple pie sitting on the counter that my roommate had brought home. A couple nights before, the same roommate made a fresh batch of cookies. I had to leave the house. OK, Im starting to think this was a really bad day to for liquids only to fall on. I have a really busy afternoon and Im concerned that Im not thinking straight enough to interview anyone. Im just going to have to tell interviewees to just tell me things because my heads too foggy to ask any questions. I think part of the problem is its FREEZING at my desk. Cold and hungry not a good combo.KIMBERLY, 12 p.m. Wednesday: Day 7: Im almost officially done. But I still have a lot of the MediClear and other supplements left over, so I think Ill probably go a couple more days.Im glad I did the cleanse because it helped me start the winter season on a healthy note it helped me focus on eating better. In fact, I feel like it reset my mind and body a bit shifted it so I can build better eating and self-care habits back into my lifestyle. I feel better, digestively speaking, too.NICOLE, 3:18 p.m. Tuesday:Its day 3 and that means tomorrow is day 4: liquids only day! Im scared. Three juices a day and water, hopefully Ill survive. I think Ill be fine, but Im definitely not looking forward to it.Today I had to turn down a piece of chocolate and a cookie. Darn. Surprisingly, it wasnt that painful. Im finding its pretty easy to stick to a strict diet. Its not that fun, but it opens your eyes to foods you might never make for yourself. Last night, I baked acorn squash, topped it off with a dab of honey and it was really tasty. I usually only eat squash on Thanksgiving. Im still feeling fine and havent really had any side effects of the cleanse. Today, Im adding a parasitical tincture to the mix to try to rid my body of some little friends I picked up in Central America.

KIMBERLY, 11:30 a.m. Tuesday: Day 6 of detox, and it once again comes back to BMs. If I were a 2-year-old, Id be pretty darn proud of my BMs. Actually, Im an adult and pretty darn proud. I drank the MediBulk again this morning, and it seems to be doing its magic. And my stomach feels good after a half of a banana and MediBulk shake and a wheat-free granola with rice milk breakfast.Last night, my husband made delicious lamb and lentil soup (I checked … lambs allowed), which Ill also eat for lunch after my MediClear drink (Augh I just remembered I forgot to bring juice to work to mix the MediClear with). Today I was thinking about how eating healthier is becoming more habitual or at least not as big of a deal. Its seeming more natural, which is pretty exciting.I did have sugar cravings last night for the first time since starting the cleanse after watching a horrible movie, but the cravings went away within five minutes; by the time I returned home from the movie, I had completely forgotten about them. The naturopaths say when you crave sugar your body really wants protein, and I suspect theres something to that because Ive given up sugar in the past (for a year, actually), and when I wasnt eating well enough or getting enough vitamins and minerals, the cravings would take over.The only ill effect I have today is feeling a little tired and a slight heaviness in my head and my glands seem a little swollen. But overall, I feel much better. So, Im going to focus on drinking a lot of water today, maybe take a steam shower tonight to further detox.NICOLE, 11 a.m. Monday: Its day 2 of the cleanse and, so far, things are going much smoother than day 1. I started Sunday morning and didnt have time to go to the grocery store before I began to get cleanse approved foods, like organic fruits and veggies, rice cakes and an assortment of beans. Yum. So I began Sunday morning, by mixing the medibulk powder into herbal tea, which created a strange frothy layer on top of my tea, drank that down, but was starving and didnt have anything in the house I could eat. I went off to work and was able to walk down to Alpine at about noon to get some nourishment. Not the best start. I have to suck down four powder drinks per day, plus take nine assorted capsules.-Its a lot to remember, but nothing tastes bad so theres usually no gagging involved.Back day 1… I accidentally messed up and ate some tuna out of a can in the afternoon, thinking it was OK, but then looked on my sheet later and realized it wasnt. Oops, hopefully that didnt throw my system off too much. I ate black beans and brown rice for dinner with steamed veggies. It was a little bland, but overall, not bad. It kind of feels good to eat healthy food. This morning I changed up my morning by blending the medibulk powder with an organic banana and rice milk. It was actually pretty dang tasty. Today Im much more prepared and have a peach, rice cakes and 100 percent fruit jam and cucumbers marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar for lunch. Im happy to report that Im feeling fine, no stomach aches or dizziness. The first day I wasnt feeling sort of lightheaded, but I think that was mostly because I didnt eat breakfast.KIMBERLY, 11 a.m. Monday: I didnt blog over the weekend because Saturday I didnt feel well stomachache and just generally tired. I called Kim Nearpass, the naturopath who gave me the potions and powders, and told her I thought the worst stomachaches came after the MediBulk, one of the fiber supplements. So Im not taking that anymore. She reminded me to drink a bunch of water.Saturday night I had my first meat meal free range chicken with zucchini, and I have to say it was a relief to eat something Im used to.Sunday was day four of the detox: Juice only day. I chose the gnarliest (in other words most green) juice I could find, figuring I needed all the nutrients I could get that day. I used a voucher that comes as part of the $95 detox package ($170 for two people) for three juices at Alpine Market (or Amazing Grace). The fresh juices looked pretty enough: Red, green and orange/brown. But let me tell you: a large green superdrink of wheatgrass, spinach, celery and parsley is tough to swallow. I intermingled it with the red juice: Carrot, beet and apple juice, which added some sweetness.The naturopaths told me its best to do the juice day when you dont have to work. I think what they really meant is when you can be close to a bathroom. For me, it was kind of juice in, juice out. Then again, my husband had a totally different experience. We both reacted differently by the end of the day, too. I felt the best I had during the whole detox, while he, for the first time, showed signs of irritability. Despite the juice only day, we had plenty of energy to drive to Denver, get together with friends, move a few boxes that we were storing in my parents house, and go grocery shopping.This morning I had wheat-free cereal and rice milk for breakfast, and I feel pretty good. Soon it will be time for my MediClear protein drink. If things take a turn for the worse, Ill let you know.A reader wrote that Id need to do this for more than seven days to see lasting results, and I agree with her. Though I dont plan on continuing all of the detox powders past seven days, I hope to continue to build a healthier eating pattern. For me, the best thing about going on a limiting diet is how it forces me to stretch past my comfort zone and habitual eating patterns. Im a pizza-loving person, but life without wheat, tomatoes (sauce included) and cheese demands that I turn to the vegetable aisle and start looking into making soups.KIMBERLY, 2:45 p.m. Friday: Im thinking about bowel movements way more than an adult without small children should. I admit that normally, a few times a week, I ask my husband if our 17-year-old dog has pooped today. But last night I was asking my husband if he had pooped that day. Hes on the cleanse with me, and, apparently, bowel movements are a big deal when youre cleansing you want to make sure youre releasing the toxins.I promise this whole blog wont be about BMs, as Ill affectionately refer to them from here on out. But I have to say I was a little jealous when my husband described a BM that would make any doctor proud. I dont think Ive reached that level.I felt better this morning after skipping the Medibulk and Priority Cleanse dose in the morning. I also took the naturopaths suggestion of rubbing my skin with a dry washcloth and taking a hot shower followed by a quick cold rinse, and that got me ready for the day.As I ate quinoa again for breakfast (because I havent figured out what else to eat for breakfast that doesnt involve dairy, wheat, sugar, eggs or meat), I started feeling kind of sick. After half a bowl, I gave up. Its 2:20 p.m., and Im about to down my Mediclear. So far, my only symptom today has been waking up with redness in the rims of my eyes, which is unusual for me. Oh, and not having much of an appetite, but thats more my lack of creativity in making tasty dishes than it is the detox diet.Breaking news: I just had to say no thanks to pink M&Ms (for breast cancer awareness) a cowoker passed around the office. But I put a small handful in a plastic bag and will wait for at least a week before I eat them the stash saves me from feeling like Im missing out on something. I figure Im just putting off my chocolate fix …Also, thanks to Elizabeth who sent me an encouraging e-mail after reading my blog. Shes on a detox diet using UltraClear and other products.KIMBERLY, 3:45 p.m., Thursday: I dont seem to be normal in anything I do, and this detox cleanse is more proof.Im doing a seven-day dexox to cleanse toxins out of my system. Ill be keeping a blog for the week, documenting my experience. I am the following the plan laid out by Mountain-River Naturopathic Clinic.Ive had a stomach-ache all day. I started with a banana-mango-Medibulk smoothie and a Priority Cleanse capsule at 8 a.m. today, followed by a bowl of quinoa and a GI Flora capsule at 10 a.m. I know, I know: Its too soon for me to be feeling bad from the cleanse Ive only just begun. And, yes, Ive had stomach problems in the past; thats part of why Im doing this cleanse.I immediately launched into writing a movie review this morning, but by the time I tried to copyedit it 45 minutes later, I started loosing concentration. I feel unusually tired today, but that could be because I worked a 14-hour day yesterday.By 2 p.m., I started feeling a little hungry, so I drank the pre-lunch Mediclear protein drink. Its 3:15 p.m., and my stomach still hurts (and I have no appetite for lunch), so I called the Frisco naturopath, Kim Nearpass. Seems I may be having trouble tolerating Medibulk first thing in the morning. So, Im to skip my afternoon and Friday morning Medibulk dose and take a 1/2 tsp. with food tomorrow at noon.My biggest challenges with this seven day cleanse will be getting the recommended four servings of vegetables in and cooking every day. Im not fan of either. Plus, Im ill prepared I didnt have time to shop yesterday, so I have to come up with something for lunch and dinner today in a hurry. Any ideas?

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