Pace: Summit County community grants schools support |

Pace: Summit County community grants schools support

Dr. Heidi Pace
superintendent of Summit School District

Summit School District is grateful for the support from local individuals, businesses and organizations. With your help we continue to maintain superior instruction and technology in the classroom benefiting our 427 staff members and more than 3,000 students. For the 2012-2013 school year, Summit schools have already submitted close to $300,000 in grants for financial and in-kind support. To date these applications awarded more than $121,000 in grants to the district’s schools.

At the elementary level, our six schools received $24,000 in grant funding from two organizations. Our appreciation to Vail Resorts Echo and to Fidelity Charitable Giving for providing students in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth with an elementary breakfast program and in-kind contributions for Parent Teacher Association fall and spring events. Also, funds will assist with the development of a summer reading program. All of these programs will strengthen our curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to start their day with a nutritious meal.

The middle school received a total of $14,900 to extend the breakfast program and to expand their pre-collegiate programming. The pre-collegiate program assists first generation college-bound students in their quest to graduate from high school and continue with post-secondary education. Over the past three years, 100 percent of pre-collegiate seniors have graduated, all of whom have successfully enrolled in post-secondary education. Both grants were funded by Vail Resorts Echo. This organization’s commitment to the well-being of our students and to furthering the sixth through eighth graders higher education is commended. We look forward to the academic success both programs create.

Summit High School received $27,400 from two grants for the pre-collegiate program. A generous private donor and Vail Resorts Echo provided the opportunity for our seventh through 12th grade students to engage in their post-secondary education.

Summit Education Foundation supported $55,200 in grants for various educational projects. The SEF supports technology through technology grants which are awarded in the fall. They also support innovative teaching grants each spring. Another opportunity to enhance our technology came from Lowe’s who provided funding in August ($24,980), during the store’s grand opening, to create interactive teacher hot spots district-wide.

Other grant opportunities have been made to The Summit Foundation, the Rotary Club, Target, Freeport McMoRan and some of the towns in Summit County.

The Summit Foundation provides considerable support through scholarships to high school students, pre-collegiate and school-based health services as well as classroom grants for such things as music programs and paperless classrooms. Freeport McMoRan provides a variety of support for STEM and educational initiatives in our schools. Target supports the schools field trips and the Rotary Club along with the town of Silverthorne supports the Summit Middle School’s Courage Retreat.

All of these grants, along with our families and parent-teacher organizations, support programs in our schools that assist the district in educating our wonderful students. The philanthropic spirit of our community is an inspiration to Summit School District. We are aware that many districts and organizations compete for these dollars and are grateful that our students and staff members receive such strong community support.

Dr. Heidi Pace is the superintendent for Summit School District.

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