Pamela and her expertise helped me |

Pamela and her expertise helped me

I have been a Summit County local for more than 25 years and have an interesting story to tell. I am a breast cancer survivor and, nearly five years ago, I had all of the lymph nodes removed from my left arm and shoulder area. When the arm swelled up to twice its normal size a year later and I was unable to flex my fingers, I was quite concerned.I had been to two doctors and had an ultrasound of the veins, but nothing was showing up. Doctors were puzzled and were not quite sure where to proceed next. I heard of a new acupuncturist in town and decided to give Pamela Templin a call. Pamela asked me questions and on examining my arm, she said, “On a scale of 1-to-10, how bad do you want this issue resolved?” Without thinking too hard, I replied 8 or 9, though I was curious with the course of treatment and concern in Pamela’s voice. Then she explained to me about bleeding the tips of each of my fingers on my left hand. I was willing, and she deftly lanced each finger tip and sent me home to rest. A short time later that evening the swelling had almost gone down completely and I regained normal use of my fingers and hand. Pamela admitted she did not know exactly why my arm had swollen so drastically. Needless to say, I was very grateful and impressed, and I made another appointment to return in a week. This time Pamela had my face down as she cupped (a glass cup with suction that runs over the skin) the shoulder. After a few minutes she told me there was a curious shape like a small horseshoe that was appearing on my back, and she explained that stagnant blood will rise to the surface and create deep red/purple marks from trauma.She asked me what trauma I had received to my shoulder, and though she had asked me on the first visit this same question, hearing about the horseshoe shaped imprint stimulated my memory. My young horse, only a couple months old when I turned my back on him, had playfully jumped in my direction and his hoof came down on my left shoulder. This had occurred weeks before the swelling, and not been too traumatic an injury at the time. But the resulting deep bruising to the tissue was quite elusive to the Western medical advice I sought. Problem solved. Pamela is incredibly talented and knowledgeable, and her studies and travels around the world have given her the perspective and healing experience that I will always trust in.

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