Parades aren’t supposed to be white-bread celebrations |

Parades aren’t supposed to be white-bread celebrations

I came in for lunch and was reading the paper and saw the letter about the religious floats in the Frisco Fourth of July Parade (SDN, July 22).

Parades aren’t supposed to be a white-bread celebration about the day’s theme. If they were, all the floats, bands and groups would look alike. Don’t the people on a float have the right to celebrate Independence Day?

Do people have to submerge their personality, their beliefs in public so as not to offend anyone who might be offended? Can Italians celebrate Columbus Day in peace, even though the celebration may offend?

Do Mexicans have the right to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Cesar Chavez Day? What do we do about St. Patrick’s Day parades? You know there might be people who are offended. After all most Mexicans and Italians and half the Irish (as was St. Patrick) are Catholic and there may be church floats, religious symbols maybe even masses said on those days.

Part of being an adult involves tolerating others.

“Celebrating diversity” involves respecting others who look like us as much as it does respecting others. I’m pretty well confused by muslims but I’d like to think if they marched in a parade or had a float, I would accept it.

As I understand it Jews believe Jesus has not yet appeared. On the other hand, I don’t agree. In fact symbols of Him are in my house and I’m glad that He is in my life. Jesus is just all right with me but if he isn’t all right you, then let’s just be cool about it.

Many things I see during a day irk me to no end but I have to accept my opinions are not chiseled in granite. I think that the options we have include walking away, turning away, turning off a program or not tuning in at all.

Whether we like it or not, people have a right to express a belief or an opinion – and celebrate Independence Day while doing it. Personally I find a real estate company’s float to be offensive.

I’d be in favor of a Rodney King stamp or maybe a coin. You know – “Can’t we all just get along.”

Rob Joseph


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