Partnow: Immigration reform: Now we’re getting somewhere |

Partnow: Immigration reform: Now we’re getting somewhere

Craig Partnow, Breckenridge

As an immigration attorney I see firsthand how our current patchwork of mismanaged and broken immigration laws tears families apart and hurts businesses. But the recent focus on immigration reform has given me hope and optimism, tempered by realism. The public is demanding a plan that includes a humane road forward for our undocumented friends and community members. The Senate’s bipartisan set of principles demonstrates that lawmakers from both parties can come together to frame a solution that works for undocumented immigrants, businesses, families – indeed for all of America.

However, the single-minded focus on border enforcement is still a problem, especially since a recent report shows that border enforcement benchmarks from the 2006, 2007 and 2010 Senate bills have been met. We can’t just throw money and resources at the border; we must demand that Congress puts in place clear and reasonable enforcement goals.

Immigrants make up our past, our present, and more importantly will assure America’s future. So let’s all move forward, and get this done, together.

Craig Partnow, Breckenridge

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