Pass the hemp: Colorado prepares to regulate the plant like any other food ingredient |

Pass the hemp: Colorado prepares to regulate the plant like any other food ingredient

Alicia Wallace, The Cannabist Staff
Raw Yirgacheffe grade 1, a natural Ethiopian coffee bean at Strava Craft Coffee, a producer of CBD-rich hemp oil-infused coffee, a licensed manufacturer of hemp products. April 24, 2018 Denver, CO
Joe Amon / The Denver Post

With the stroke of a pen, hemp could be treated like any other food ingredient under Colorado law.

A bill is on its way to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk to apply existing food manufacturing guidelines to products such as hemp oil-infused coffee and CBD-rich extracts made from the non-psychoactive cannabis plant variety.

At its simplest form, House Bill 1295 — which unanimously passed the Colorado Senate on Wednesday — merely codifies a state policy and program in place since July. In a broader context, Colorado’s buttoning up of regulations is a novel move to protect the state’s emerging industrial hemp industry as the plant’s legality is debated federally.

The regulatory red tape wasn’t seen Wednesday as a burden by a few Colorado businesses that make products from industrial hemp.

“Nationally, we simply don’t have any regulatory structure in place,” said Andrew Aamot, co-founder of Strava Craft Coffee, a Denver-based coffee company that launched a line of hemp oil-infused beans and brews. “As we progress toward greater acceptance on the national level, I think Colorado companies are uniquely positioned to do things right at the very beginning.”

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