Passed another inspection |

Passed another inspection

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Karen and Brian Wray are building a custom log home in Silverthorne. Brian is a general contractor, however Karen has never built a new home. Karen has been keeping a diary of her perception of the home building process. This is the 22nd installment.

2/9/06 ” The main level, stairs and lower-level hardwood flooring is all done. But my fears were realized, and we are about 10 square feet short of the loft hardwood. The supplier is making some calls for us today trying to track down one box someplace as it is on backorder! Just our luck. We are so close! Brian installed the kitchen appliances today. I told him he never has to take me out to dinner again because I love my new kitchen so much I want to cook every day. I am sure that feeling will last forever … ha, ha. I have been shopping for a washer and dryer, the last big purchase before we move in. We ended up purchasing from the local Sears store.

2/12/06 ” I feel good! I finally contributed something to the house other than phone calls to suppliers and paying bills! Brian and I spent the weekend drilling holes through the logs in the kitchen ceiling with a 12-foot-long drill bit and strung the cable lights. The electrician didn’t want to tackle this job. Now that we spent five hours working on it I can see why. The electrician will connect the cables to the transformers tomorrow, and we can see how we did. It looks like a lot of light (nine fixtures), but a kitchen needs good working light. The good thing about the cable system is we can remove or redirect lights after they are turned. I also did some demolition work on the loft doorways. The framer made them one foot too short for the seven foot doors. So, I chipped away drywall, and used my saw and pry bar to take out the headers to make room for the door to be installed tomorrow. It was a messy job, but I was pretty proud of my handy work. Brian and his carpenter will install the rest of the doors tomorrow, and he will teach me how to install door hardware so I have a job for the next few nights after work.

2/15/06 ” We almost spent Valentine’s Day at the Garden and Home Show in Denver. We decided to hold off a day. We still need to find an affordable material for the patio under the deck, which is currently muddy and icy all at the same time. We thought the show would be the best place to see all our options. It was almost too overwhelming. The Denver show is huge, with something like 300 vendors. The original flagstone bid was for $20,000 … definitely not in the budget. We saw a few cultured stone brick-type products that we might be able to install ourselves in the summer, but still nothing perfect that is also affordable. We also looked at patio furniture … with over 1,200 sq. ft of deck, and another 1,000 feet of covered patio, our outdoor living space is going to be key to fully enjoying this new home. Again, we found that we have champagne taste on a beer budget, and will have to hope for some sales in the spring. We used this trip to pick up the last box of hardwood floor we needed. The wine refrigerator we bought in December was finally plugged in this week and it had a very noisy compressor. We exchanged it and got a huge bonus … the store had their snow blowers on sale for 50 percent off. Brian was ecstatic that he got a large, 8.5hp model to handle the new 60 foot driveway and saved almost $400.

2/17/06 ” The cable lights look great now that they are hooked up. The last light fixture for the hallway arrived, so the electrician finished everything this week. We passed the electrical inspection on the first try! We are 100 percent pass rate on the first try so far with inspections. We only have one more set of inspections to go for the final. Brian has been telling me we are a “couple” weeks from finishing for about a month now. I think contractor time is like football time. Only men can understand it. Growing up, I remember my dad saying “only two minutes left in the game” and 45 minutes later the game was still on TV. That’s how I feel about contractor time … I think “a couple” means “two,” contractors think a couple can be anywhere from 4-6. I am getting very anxious to spend a night in the new house … but asking for an exact C.O. date gets tense, and I have learned to keep the question to myself.

2/18/06 We hired our friend John Conti to create and install a closet system for the two master bedrooms. We interviewed a couple companies and got their design ideas. Neither of which were exactly what we had in mind. In the end, we did the basic design and went with the personal relationship and the company that could deliver in 7-10 days versus six weeks. After living through all the construction I didn’t want to tear up my closet again next month to get the closet organized. We want to move in and have someplace to put everything. The shower doors were installed this week and look fantastic. Roland Hart was our designer/installer from Massa Glass. He used to own his own company and was very much the perfectionist. We used Euro glass enclosures with minimal hardware and it really made all the natural stone tile in all three bathrooms stand out. All the interior doors are installed, and I started installing the door hardware. It takes a lot of finesse to chisel the door for a flat fit, but the correct knobs were worth the wait, they are beautiful.

2/23/06 ” The crew finished the base and case in the loft level and most of the main level this week. I was able to pick up most of the cardboard that protects the new hardwood floors, and could see for the first time what the room is really going to look like. We are very pleased with the overall feel of the space and can’t wait to see how my furniture looks.

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