Pat Culhane: Pets missing NPR |

Pat Culhane: Pets missing NPR

Pat Culhane
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Sue: After reading the 4/19 Summit Daily I am compelled to correspond with you. I, too, drive two different vehicles all over the county; however, I have not had the absolutely glowing, perfect reception on 88.3 that you claim. Also reception on three different radios at my home in Dillon is now maddeningly non-existent. I am a professional pet sitter with several clients who leave NPR on all day for their pets to listen to. They are also sorely disappointed that a decent signal is no longer available.

I have lived in Summit County for 20 years and was so grateful a few years ago to FINALLY get a decent NPR station here. I have supported KUNC for 35 years both in Denver and here. Due to the horrible reception, sadly KUNC will no longer receive my dollars. I am now giving my “donation” to satellite radio ” Summit Public Radio’s latest decision is the last straw!

May I make a suggestion? Why not put the La Nueva Mix program on 88.3 and allow the 90 percent of us who listen to NPR do so on 107.1?