Patriotism lost |

Patriotism lost

Mark G. Williams

I still can’t believe the Town of Dillon has eliminated the 4th of July parade. I consider it a special event where friends rendezvous to celebrate our nation, revel in our independence, and display our patriotism. It is great to see families gathered together along the street; children excited as each float passes by. The Fourth of July is a day steeped in tradition; a BBQ, a cold slice of watermelon, red, white and blue everywhere, fireworks and, of course, a parade.

But because Dillon has cancelled the parade, part of the tradition has been broken. The town has taken away a meaningful parade that only occurs one day a year. The mayor of Dillon claims the substitute for the parade will “knock our socks off,” but as of yet there is nothing to relieve our disappointment.

The reason for this is obvious. Listen up Dillon town council and mayor. A parade is an event that just cannot be replaced.