Paul Romano: Enough with taxes |

Paul Romano: Enough with taxes

Paul Romano

We just don’t need his extreme liberal tax and spend propaganda. It just ruins the day to hear that garbage over and over again.

Tell David, “life isn’t fair.” For example: Of every buck that goes to government, over half of it is always wasted.

We cannot stop that because humans can’t control themselves when they are spending somebody else’s money, and that is exactly what everyone who works for government does.

The government never created one red cent. It only spends the money it takes from taxpayers. It will never take “enough” because it never hurts them and therefore has no limits. So much for “fair.”

Therefore it is the duty of every citizen to fight as hard as possible against every cent of government taxation. That is the only way we can in any way slow or limit the otherwise limitless suicidal deficit spending.

Tax evasion is illegal, but tax avoidance is 100 percent legal and a right we all still have.

Amazon is just exercising that right.

If everybody avoided taxes as much as possible, maybe we could slow or brake the insane “Not unintended acceleration” of public debt. There is no other way.

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