Paul Romano: On water and population |

Paul Romano: On water and population

Paul Romano

Very interesting and very true column. We are constantly “back where we started” and short of some magical technology to create huge amounts of fresh water and without creating some new unintended disastrous environmental consequence.

The first “answer to this conundrum” is to halt, or for crying out loud, at least slow down, the constant (or isn’t it in fact acelerating?) increase in the world population. Our reproductive genes and our reproductive methods are too successful. We are the totally dominating and controlling best and maybe toughest species on this planet and the only thing we can do now is self-destruct.

Let’s get Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to stop trying so hard to save all the children, and instead use some of that money to reward people, especially the single young females for not having babies just to justify their existence, or to get away from their parents, or just in abject obedience to their ovaries, etc. And let’s stop rewarding girls and women with really significant money for being single mothers, and doing it over and over, again and again, just to create a stream of government income to live off.

I imagine if this letter gets published, we will hear loudly from the fairer sex about their rights to have as many babies as they want, regardless of any other factors. That is what we mean by “listening only to their ovaries.” Maybe they should be required to be licensed because bringing another human being into this world should not be an “accident” as it is for over half of them apparently. Just cutting out the “accidents” might be all we need to bring the population explosion into control.

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