Paul Sanders: Mayfield an actor |

Paul Sanders: Mayfield an actor

Paul Sanders

Rich Mayfield gets a bad rap because people don’t understand him. Rich is first and foremost an actor. He trained for this in college and when it didn’t work out he took on the role of a preacher. He played this part for over 20 years in this county. If you watched him as I did, you saw him playing a nuanced role ever few years. First he was the little mountain preacher, next he sough ecumenical unity with the Catholic Church, the Jewish religion, the Buddhists, and finally he sought to play the “radical priest on the cover of Newsweek.” When his congregation started to desert him, he retired from the church and took on the role of a columnist. His main goal in life is to grab attention to himself. In a conservative area he might have chose to come out against gays but he realizes that wouldn’t work in this community. Rich is no more a man of religion than Anthony Hopkins is a cannibal. Rich is always just paying a part. Unfortunately as a communist, he has become lazy and stale.

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