Paul Sims: Guns don’t kill people … |

Paul Sims: Guns don’t kill people …

Ms. Tracy: I take issue with your article’s brazen transition from condemning “gun violence” to the appeal to gun owners and enthusiasts. It seems as if you’re holding legal gun owners responsible for the law-breaking element in our society which happens to use guns to commit crime.

What you’re really looking for are ways to “reduce the human damage” due to crime, not guns. A pistol will never hop off the shelf in the local gun store and decide to head down to the gas station for a quick robbery. It takes a human to make such decisions – the same kind of human who will use a knife or any number of improvised weapons to get what he wants.

The sad fact is you will never be able to eliminate crime from society, and guns are often the one chance a potential victim has to level the playing field in a life or death situation. Law-abiding citizens use guns to prevent a huge number of crimes every year when the police aren’t around to protect them. CNN headlines like this one speak for themselves: “Intruder calls 911, afraid homeowner may have gun” (March 8, 2011). The mere possibility of an armed victim is enough to deter a would-be criminal.

So please, Ms. Tracy, let’s focus on the real issue: crime. Spoons don’t make people fat, pencils don’t cause misspellings, and guns don’t kill people. Until the other side of the debate acknowledges such an elementary fact, this gun enthusiast thinks there is little common ground to be reached.

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