Paul Sims: Unions are ‘The Man’ |

Paul Sims: Unions are ‘The Man’

Mr. Sirota recognizes corporate bailouts for what they are: corrupt favoritism intended to line the pockets of sympathetic politicians. Why, then, can he not see that public-sector unions represent equally insidious cronyism?

Here is some information from the Center for Responsive Politics that Mr. Sirota should not have overlooked before writing his column: Of the top 10 sources of political contributions since 1989, five are unions.

Unions are no longer the little guy fighting against The Man. Unions are The Man.

Public-sector unions are in a class by themselves. Their employer, the government, cannot go bankrupt and has no incentive to worry about profits. Public unions, therefore, do not have to factor the survival of the company and the subsequent loss of their own jobs into demands and concessions. There are no competing interests between the government and its unions, as there would be in a private-sector environment.

Quite the contrary – the government sits on both sides of the negotiating table. Public-sector unions use membership dues to campaign for and elect their members’ employers, the politicians. The government uses its power to extract the money needed to fund union demands from the taxpayers. This makes the “fundamental human right” of collective bargaining Sirota laughably alludes to more of a conspiratorial protection racket operating at taxpayer expense. If that is not a recipe for corruption, I don’t know what is.

Instead of championing the not-so-poor, not-so-helpless public unions, maybe Sirota’s next article could fret about us taxpayers. We’re not a monolithic voting block that’s easily pandered to. Who represents us in these “negotiations” between the government and its workers?

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