Peace not war |

Peace not war

Trey Maddox, Breckenridge

I grew up knowing that the coolest thing about the United States of America was that no matter how bad it got, we were the good guys who would look out for freedom and the decent treatment of all people. I mean, we went so far as to write it out in the Bill of Rights, so that when the stuff hits the blades we would not forget what is most important. I knew we would at least always have that to hold up as our legacy. For over 200 years it was so.I see it is time to put away childish things. It seems to me the United States is acting much more like a wounded child, striking out at things in a gut reaction, as opposed to rationally seeking out those who were truly responsible and cultivating better safeguards and responses to actual threats. It’s not like we didn’t have a pretty good idea that something like this would happen with the system we had in place previous to 9/11. The warnings were there. Maybe improvements and new procedures could have sufficed. We won’t ever know.I also somehow can’t seem to be all that fearful of terrorists. I can’t see “them” invading the USA and occupying our lands. I don’t even fear “them” taking away my constitutionally guaranteed rights, although those rights seem to be in jeopardy by the actions of others.Right now, I am more afraid of the frothing at the mouth of people so intent on being right. I sure am ready for a big dose of reasonable and rational thought. Has anyone else wondered what $277 trillion of improvement to security personnel and equipment could do?I sure do wish we had truly tried doing absolutely everything we could have previous to starting this war. It seems that some people really did have some personal issues with Saddam after all. Too bad. The price for getting even always seems out of proportion to me. I sure long for that feeling of being “good” I had as a child, instead of this sick feeling about what is happening to so many families in the world.

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