People come here to escape Home Depots |

People come here to escape Home Depots

Bruce and Laura DickinsonFrisco

Is it quality of life that draws you to our mountain town? Is it the close proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities? Is it the strong sense of community you garner through involvement with our schools, businesses and churches? We encourage you to consider how the addition of a Home Depot would vastly deteriorate these great qualities of living in Frisco. Bright lights, traffic congestion, environmental degradation, reduced view corridors, and numerous small business closures will all contribute to reduce the small town feel and quality of life in Frisco. Our town would never be the same, and once this was to occur we could not turn back the hands of time.As business owners who are directly tied to the local construction trades, we still do not support Home Depot as we see the deleterious effects on Frisco outweighing the convenience factor. To refer to that open space as an “eyesore” is not only a farce, it is ironic, as that is what will exactly describe that parcel of land with a big box store on it.If the appeal of Frisco to you is having all the conveniences of the big city, then go live in the big city. People come here to get away from that. When you start introducing big boxes to our town, the unique small town flavor will be forever lost. Keep Frisco’s character intact. Vote “No” on Home Depot.