People Under the Stairs plays Breckenridge tonight |

People Under the Stairs plays Breckenridge tonight

Daily News staff report

Hip-hop music comes in myriad different styles and forms, so enthusiasts of the genre can get a treat by attending a performance by People Under the Stairs, a Los Angeles-based band with its own particular vibe, at three20south in Breckenridge tonight.

People Under the Stairs released their first full-length album in 1998. From there they’ve gone on to perform sold-out shows, festivals and world tours throughout six continents and 50 countries. They have self-managed, produced and engineered eight full-length albums in addition to other singles and side projects. Their stop at Breckenridge is one of the concluding events of their 2012 Highlighter Tour across the country.

The band’s duo consists of talents Thes One and Double K. Some have called them “the Steely Dan of rap music” for their unique style, which involves free styling and DJ work. In an interview, Thes One described the band’s sound, influences and what attendees can expect tonight:

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. We have material prepared like classic songs “Acid Raindrops” and “San Francisco Knights,” routines that incorporate live free styling and DJ work all done off of original vinyl and 14 years worth of instrumentals at our fingertips so we can take requests. That said, every show and crowd is different so we love to just go with the vibe and call out a new set as we go. It keeps an element of risk in the show which makes it extra fun for both the audience and us. We are schooled in the classic Run DMC, Beastie Boys type of party rocking and that’s what we bring to the stage.

Our sound is basically funky, fun and live. We don’t make gun talk, dramatic hip hop. We make Doobie Brothers hip-hop for everyone who just likes to have fun.

We’re basically two guys who write and produce and perform our own stuff. It’s really stoney and filled with inside jokes. Plus we could surely beat up The Eagles in a fistfight.

The party of the year.

Every time we tour Colorado we have a strict Michael McDonald policy in the car. His voice and the mountain scenery make our Rocky Mountain experience complete.

New album “Highlighter” is out now and has some awesome songs on it! Check it out! Thanks to everyone for the continued support and let’s get ready to get tanked.

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