Peter Miesler: Skeptical about climate change skeptics |

Peter Miesler: Skeptical about climate change skeptics

A few years back we had AGW “skeptics” boldly placing bets that Earth’s climate was cooling. Unfortunately, a visit to the authoritative NASA GISS website shows warming. But, do we hear any “skeptics” saying: Oh wait a minute, perhaps my assumptions are wrong? Why not? What should we think of the anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming “Skeptical” community when they refuse to look at anything that disagrees with their mindset? Isn’t intellectual integrity about a desire to learn and be able to admit one was wrong and that new information justifies reorienting one’s thinking?

One of the most outspoken proselytizer of obstinate denial is Lord Christopher Monckton, who has been spending years demeaning every aspect of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) science. Recently, PhD. John Abraham decided to examine Monckton’s claims. The result is a presentation titled “A Scientist Replies to Christopher Monckton: Abraham v. Monckton.” At:

Abraham rigorously sticks to examining the issues. He acknowledges Monckton’s skills and admits: “After listening to his comments, and viewing his presentation, any reasonable audience might feel that climate risks are not as serious as we’ve been led to believe … If you believe him you’d have to conclude that: The world is not warming; sea levels are not rising; ice is not melting; polar bears not threatened; oceans is not heating; no ocean acidification; scientists are lying, (and) there is a conspiracy.”

Abraham then proceeds down the list of Monckton’s claims. While examining these claims and graphs, it becomes obvious Lord Monckton is a liar performing political theater rather than scientific critique.

Ultimately, the question we are left with is this: Are global warming skeptics capable of responding to data and factual arguments or is it ultimately only a faith-based position they cling to … rather than an exercise in genuine skepticism about the data?

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