Pets available for adoption |

Pets available for adoption

Summit Daily/Brad Odekirk Panzer is a four-year-old male tiger tabby looking for a new home. He is rather chubby, but altogether loveable. He doesn't have any claws, so he is an indoor cat, and prefers a no dog home.

Molly – I just don’t understand – I’ve been here the longest, and really want to go home. I’m a beautiful mellow sweetheart, all long, black fur, and six years old. And while I need to be the only pet, I’ll be worth it.Luigi – 4-year-old cream tabby. I am a shy guy; so don’t come on too strong. If you give me time, I’ll let you into my life. Gideon – 3-year-old handsome orange tabby. I’m a very sweet and sensitive young man. It takes me a little while to adjust to new situations but once I get settled, I’m lots of fun and very cuddly. I will make a wonderful companion.Domino – I am a beautiful black and white male. I am tenacious and like to play a little rough, but I’m tons of silly fun. Shadow – I’m a black, long-haired girl, who just loves people. I’m a real beauty, but I really need to be the only queen in your castle – no other dogs or cats, please.Bonita – Black and white long hair. Affectionate and loving.

Slinky – I’m a very dignified black and white short hair. I like other dogs and cats and am affectionate and playful with people.Danny Boy – I’m a quiet, suave type, all black, short hair. I’m outgoing and very personable and love to talk. Lap warming on cold winter nights is one of my specialties.Tigger – I’m a personable male orange tabby. I’m full of playful curiosity and love to cuddle. I’m skinny right now, since I’ve been fending for myself on the streets, but I’ll fill out soon.Panzer – I’m a big, fat, happy go lucky, tiger tabby. No claws to alter your furniture with. No dogs in the house please.Luna – I’m a gorgeous black and white girl and just love to cuddle up. I’m really smart, very playful and like other cats.

Rocky – I’m the biggest loser – 13 pounds so far. I’m part border collie, part beagle, am 4 years old and need to lose another 12 pounds. No kids or other dogs please.Roscoe – I’m a very handsome 1-year-old black lab mix of the medium size variety. I was rescued from an abusive, neglectful home, but trust me – I don’t have a mean bone in my body. I’m gentle and kind and want to find happiness and security.Freddie – I’m a young dachshund/Chihuahua mix, full of play and personality. I’ve lived on the streets some and have learned to be a scrapper. People are fine, but I just don’t trust other dogs. I’m looking for a cuddlemate for life.Ella – I’m a wonderful hound mix and love kids. I do get lonely, so I’m looking for a family that stays home during the day, because I get bored and “creative” if left alone too long. Shamus – I’m a purebred husky, and while my papers say I’m 7, I still love to play like a puppy. My prior owner wasn’t very nice to me, but heck, I’m fine and know my next home will be perfect! I have very good manners, and am well behaved. Sophie – I’m a beautiful 2-year-old black lab. I’m submissive and a little fearful until I get to know you. I’m quick to adjust and am a quiet mellow lady and love to cuddle and give kisses.

Kona – I’m a 2-year-old chocolate lab with endless energy. I’m a sweet girl, but need a home with experienced “lab” people. I just need some time and patience and I’ll be a great pet.BunniesFriskie – I’m a gorgeous gray lady with nice manners and soft fur. I have the most interesting birth mark – the Christian sign of the fish is clearly outlined in black on my forehead! Stewey – I’m also a cutiepie, white with black spots, spayed female. I love grown-ups, but noises, particularly the ones small children make, give me the nervous jitters. To visit any of these animals, visit the Summit County Animal Shelter off County Road 1004 just south of Frisco, or call (970) 668-3230.

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