Pets available for adoption |

Pets available for adoption

Kaylee is an eight-month-old German shorthair pointer, spayed female.

Kitty A 5-year-old spayed Maine coone female.Tilly Young, spayed female.Windflower Young, spayed female.Earl An 8-year-old neutered, gray tabby male.Bunny Young, spayed female, Manx tabby cat.Magik Beautiful spayed female. Prism A 3-year-old sweet and spayed female.Felix An 8-year-old tuxedo-colored cat. Julius A sweet neutered male orange tabby. Kitty Bell A 2 1/2-year-old female black and white domestic medium hair. Casper A 6-year-old neutered male.Azzie A 6-year-old female domestic shorthair.Fergie A 7-year-old cat. Orange and white.Terra Pin A 6-year-old neutered male gray tabby.Tinkerbell A 3-year-old, gray spayed female.Mocha A 7-year-old black neutered male.Sassy Female Himalayan mix, spayed.

Daisy Young pit bull.Fiona A 6-year-old Samoyed mix, spayed female.Devin Young Shepherd Lab mix, neutered male.Lucky An 8-month-old Chow mix, neutered male.Kawanah An athletic, 1-year-old black Lab mix, neutered male.Kaylee A 10-month-old German shorthair pointer, spayed female.Tia A 7-year-old Lab mix, spayed female. Calm and loving.Sunny A 1-year-old brindle-covered American Staffordshire terrier mix, neutered male.Visit animals at the Summit County Animal Shelter from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Call (970) 668-3230 or visit

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