Pets available for adoption at shelter |

Pets available for adoption at shelter

Barney is a five-year-old neutered male Coonhound.

For more information on pets available, visit the Summit County Animal Shelter in the County Commons or call (970) 668-3230, or see the website

Piper 6-year-old, black lab mix, femaleDozer 9-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, maleSunny 11-month-old border collie mix, femaleArchie 2-year-old Australian cattle dog mix, maleCharlie 1-year-old pit-bull mix, maleShyla 3-year-old Australian cattle dog mix, femaleBarney 5-year-old bloodhound, neutered maleRowdie 14-week-old pit-bull mix, maleDottie, Negrita and 14-week-old Australian shepherd/basset hound mix, all femaleBogart 1-year-old German short hair pointer/chocolate lab mix, maleRoscoe 3-year-old Lab mix, malePoppy 1-year-old border collie mix, femaleCrystal 2-year-old pit bull mix, female

Mystery 2-year-old black, femaleMamma Mia 1-year-old, black-and-white, femaleBell 10-year-old long-hair tortie, femaleAspen 10-year-old long-hair tortie, femaleFannie Mae 1-year-old white-and-gray, femaleEcho 2-year-old, domestic short-hair gray, femaleGypsy 5-year-old, domestic short-hair brown-and-gold, femaleBlossom 2-year-old, gray-and-white tabby, domestic short-hair, femaleOscar 4-year-old, white-and-black domestic long-hair, maleSully 2-year-old gray domestic short-hair, femaleThumper 3-year-old domestic short-hair, maleFirecracker 3-year-old domestic short-hair calico, femaleRosie 2-year-old black domestic short-hair, femaleTiger 2-year-old gray-and-white tabby, femaleOJ 3-year-old orange tabby, maleRasha 6-year-old brown tabby, femaleYoni 7-year-old black-and-white, femaleNorah 6-year-old domestic short-hair, black-and-white, femaleTripp 1-year-old, domestic short-hair mix, blonde, maleSnowball 5-year-old black domestic short-hair, male