Petscene: Pets available for adoption 4-2-13 |

Petscene: Pets available for adoption 4-2-13

Special to the Daily
Special to the DailyThe pet of the week is Macchiato. Macchiato is a 1-year-old Russian Blue mix neutered male. He is gentle and sweet natured. They call him Macchiato because he melts in your arms as a Cafe Macchiato would melt in your mouth. Will you be his lifelong barista?

Editor’s note: All pets are spayed/neutered unless noted. Call (970) 668-3230 to contact the shelter.


ROY – 5 years, Domestic Shorthair mix, orange tabby and white, male

SAMPSON – 6 years, Russian Blue mix, gray, male

HALLOWEE – 10 years, Domestic Shorthair mix, brown tabby and orange, female

RAIN – 6 years, Russian Blue and Domestic Longhair mix, gray, male

PEPPER – 6 years, Siamese and Domestic Shorthair mix, calico point and tortie point, female

MACCHIATO – 1 year 2 months, Domestic Longhair and Russian Blue mix, blue, male

TINSEL – 4 years, Domestic Shorthair mix, white and black, female

SPRITE – 2 years, Domestic Shorthair mix, orng tabby and white, male

MOONLIGHT – 3 years, Domestic Shorthair mix, black, male

CAKESTE – 2 years, Domestic Shorthair mix, tortie, female


DAISEY DUKE – 9 months, Boxer and Black Mouth Cur mix, tan and white, female

SPIRIT – 9 years, Siberian Husky, black and white, female

ARRIE – 9 months, Boxer and Pit Bull Terrier mix, brindle and white, female

MADDIE – 6 years, Pug and Beagle mix, tan and white, female

CALLIE – 6 years, Pug and Yorkshire Terrier mix, tan, female

DANA – 1 year 7 months, Australian Cattle Dog, blue merle, spayed female

ALEXANDRA – 3 years, Pit Bull Terrier and French Bulldog mix, brown and white, female

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