Pheil: Internet teaches benefits of napping |

Pheil: Internet teaches benefits of napping

Erin Pheil
Special to the Daily
Erin Pheil, Time for Cake

Are you a napper? Or perhaps you’re a wannabe napper (one of those people who thinks, “taking a nap would be really nice, but it’s not realistic/healthy/smart”)? Even if you’re a never-napper or think napping is a counterproductive way to spend one’s time, you may find this interesting.

A simple infographic I stumbled upon yesterday sheds a bit of light on the different types of napping we do, from the “nano-nap” (10 – 20 seconds long) all the way up to the “lazy man’s nap” (50 – 90 minutes long), and the different ways in which naps of varying lengths affect us.

A few interesting highlights included …

A.) A 60 minute nap improves alertness for up to 10 hours.

B.) Nike, Google and British Airways all promote napping to their employees.

C.) Napping has been linked to a 12 percent increased ability to stay asleep through the night (this surprised me).

D.) Napping has been linked to a 9 percent enhancement in mental abilities and 11 percent elevation in alertness.

E.) Even 5 – 20 minute “mini naps” have been shown to increase motor performance.

Check out the rest of the interesting details and the complete, easy-to-skim infographic here: Happy napping, everyone.

Grab bag: Your Four Random Links of the Week

1. – A page filled with photo upon photo showing you what 200 calories looks like in different foods.

If you’re not surprised by even a single photo on this page, there exists a strong possibility you’re slightly too obsessive with your calorie counting.

2. – Here we have your weekly dose of cute, presented in the best animated gif I came across last week. It’s of a dog that’s simultaneously painfully adorable and painfully non-athletic. 3. http:// – Take courses from the world’s top universities, including a few Ivy League schools, online. One of the best parts about Coursera? You won’t spend the rest of your life paying off your tuition because these classes are free for anyone who signs up. Yes, free.

4. – Created for Instagram addicts, Ampergram allows people to create “typographic compositions” using their own shots or those submitted by the Ampergram community. Think word-collages-using-individual-Instagram-photos-of-letters. Fun.

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