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Pheil: New meaning to the phrase ‘calling card’

Erin Pheil
Special to the Daily
Erin Pheil

NFC business cards come embedded with a tiny microchip. When the cards are touched by a smartphone, the microchip asks the phone to take an action you’ve specified it to request.

The action requested by the card could be anything from downloading images from your online portfolio, firing up a specific web page, opening up a Google map pointing to an exact location, providing a special coupon code, or saving your personal contact details to the phone’s address book.

Here’s the really cool part: You can update and change what you want your NFC cards to do whenever you’d like, meaning that what your cards do to today can be completely different than what they do tomorrow.

One easy trick

As I write emails, website content, proposals and other documents, I regularly use the ubiquitous bullet symbol. For years, out of sheer laziness, I always copied the bullet symbol from somewhere else or used Word’s “Insert Symbol” functionality to drop one in as I was typing.

And every. Single. Time. I’d ask myself, “I know how to type characters like emdashes, so why don’t I know how to type a bullet?” But then I’d get lazy and continue typing.

Last week after an exceptionally enjoyable infusion of caffeine, I found myself overflowing with the motivation to stop the madness. I Googled “How to type a bullet point.” I got my answer and my life will never be the same.

In hopes of improving the quality of your life from this point forward, today I’m sharing my newly found knowledge with you.

Here is the invaluable information I bestow upon you today:

To type a bullet point symbol…

PC users: hold down the ALT key on your keyboard while hitting the keys 0149.

Mac users: hold down the Option key and hit the number 8.

Practice makes perfect and repetition develops habit. Here, let me show you: ••••••

Lovely, no?

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