Pheil: New technology adds an old school touch |

Pheil: New technology adds an old school touch

Erin Pheil
Time for Cake

App of the week: Touchnote

A lovely marriage of technology and old school communications, the Touchnote app/website combines the ease of sending a photo digitally with the pleasure of receiving a real card in the mail.

Touchnote takes any photo you upload from your phone or computer and turns it into a postcard or greeting card. It then delivers that card for you anywhere in the world.

The simplicity of forwarding a photo via text or email is nice, but there is — and I believe always will be — something oh-so-delightful about finding an actual, tangible card in your mailbox. And with Touchnote’s quick, extremely intuitive, step-by-step process, sending personalized cards has never been so easy.

Quick fact of the week: Do parents pay for their kids’ cell phone service?

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the Wall Street Journal, more than 40 percent of parents with 18–35-year-old children still pay for their kids’ cell phone service — and 29 percent were still paying for that service even if their children no longer lived at home.

Grab bag: Your three links of the week

1. — According to a study by DuckDuckGo (a Google competitor — no, really, they’re a Google competitor), Google never serves up “regular results.” Meaning, Google actually personalizes search results for both signed in and signed-out users based on what it knows about them — something that certainly won’t thrill the privacy-minded among us.

2. — A gorgeous, unique graphic puzzle game for your iPad that uses NASA database imagery. Your goal: reconstruct an image by stopping circles that rotate within it. Definitely take a look.

3. — Thank goodness for The Onion. I mean, how else could we so efficiently stay on top of emerging technologies? In this video, we see the new technology Florida is considering implementing come next election season. It’s a 600 lever voting machine, of course.

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