Pheil: Save time, money on energy bill with Nest |

Pheil: Save time, money on energy bill with Nest

Erin Pheil
Time for Cake
Erin Pheil

The brilliant Nest thermostat was designed to help you save time as well as money on your energy bills.

It learns the temperature preferences you have for your home. It pays attention when you turn up your thermostat when you wake at 6:30 a.m., or when you dial it down just a bit right before you leave for work every weekday morning.

But Nest doesn’t just listen and learn. It acts. After learning your preferences, Nest automatically adjusts your home’s thermostat so you don’t have to.

Even better, you can control your Nest remotely. What if you’re coming home from work a couple hours early and want your house nice and toasty up when you get there? Or perhaps you forgot to turn down the thermostat before your family left on vacation? Nest lets you adjust the temperature of your home remotely via your mobile phone.

Surely you’re curious by now? If so, get the details here: The overview/summary video is very well done.

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Links of the Week

1. – Great tutorial walking you through how you can go about capturing and recording an iPhone or iPad screen video.

2. – Have you heard? Google is now venturing into the grocery delivery business. And no, I’m not joking. Google’s new service is called “Google Shopping Express” and provides same-day food/grocery delivery – yes, same day. What’s the catch? It’s only available in the San Francisco Bay Area at the moment. Darn. (Are you wondering why Google would bother with a service like this? It’s simple, really. As they continue to increase our reliance on the Internet, the volume of opportunities for them to show online ads continues to increase. And online ads are exactly where Google generates the vast majority of its revenue.)

3. – What an absolutely FANTASTIC interactive infographic, especially for health nuts. This info graphic displays a beautiful layout of supplements, from ginseng to coconut oil, from vitamin D to MSM, from valerian root to glucosamine. When you look at the image, the higher up the bubble, the more scientific evidence exists for that supplement’s effectiveness – but only for the conditions listed within the bubble. Make sure you click the “Show me” tab in the upper right to sort and display the information that interests you most, and to take advantage of the graphic’s interactivity.

4. – UberConference brings “a whole new visual dimension” to standard conference calls. In fact, UberConference considers itself the future of conference calling. Sign up for free using the green button on the homepage and start your very first visual conference call within seconds. Make sure to check out the intro/summary video here:

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