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Pheil: Search for jobs with Google

Erin PheilTime for Cake
Erin Pheil

If the thought of working at Google has ever crossed your mind (whether you’re dreaming big or simply want to join the dark side before their world domination is complete), visit this link:’s a map of the world containing over 70 markers. Click the marker where you’d enjoy living most (if it’s possible for you to enjoy living somewhere else more than living in the Colorado high country, that is). Then, click the link in the bubble that shows up. You’ll be taken to a page devoted to that particular Google location, along with a list of all the available job opportunities there. (For the curious, Google actually does have offices in Colorado. In Thorton, actually. No job openings there at the time this article was published, though.) There are openings across the world for positions like product engineers, financial auditors and managers, accounting managers, technical writers, editors, product designers, marketing managers, online support specialists, real estate portfolio planners, event technicians, IT auditors, staffing specialists, and on and on.

1) – The convenient Pocket app (formerly the Read It Later app) lets you save articles and videos you come across while using the web so you can check them out later. Pocket is a preferable alternative to many browsers’ bookmarking features as once the saved media is in your “pocket,” it’s easily and instantly accessible from your phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop.2) – B&O Play’s Beolit 12 is the Aston Martin of portable, wireless speakers for digital devices. B&O Play “seeks design that matters” and offers portable products that are “intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life, and deliver excellent high-quality experiences”. This lengthy, vertical Beolit 12 sales page is filled with details on the speakers’ features, extremely well done, and fun to browse through. And as expected, these beauties are both easy on the eyes and rather pricey at $799 – though B&O Play kind offers free delivery. (For those of you unsure as to what an Aston Martin is, it’s the ultra-luxury British super car made famous by James Bond. They look like a yawning fish.)3) – Ever wondered how you could track how many people download Word and PDF documents from your site? If not, you probably should begin wondering; how else will you know if your website’s visitors are at all interested in the documents you’re offering for download, and if your efforts at offering valuable content are even on target? Follow this step by step walkthrough to begin tracking your site’s downloads right away.Erin Pheil is the owner of TimeForCake Creative Media-the Web Strategy company voted #1 in Best of Summit. Visit the timeforcakewebsite at or email Erin at

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